Friday, December 18, 2009

The Craziest Year....

If there is one regret I have to add to my list of regrets for 2009, it would be not keeping up with my blog like I had originally planned. Between school, family, and traveling I've been horrible at keeping up. So I guess as it is close to Christmas and New Years I'm starting my resolutions early.

Resolution #1: Spend more time doing stuff that I enjoy. There are too many days that I find myself sitting around the house not doing the things I enjoy. Call it boredom, call it laziness, call it lack of motivation....blurgh. I'm calling it Dominique is becoming boring, and I need to stop.

Resolution #2: Start writing again. I started this blog with the intention of entertaining the masses with tales of what a normal American family does while living in Italy. Where they go, what they see, experience, touch, taste, and feel. Now that we are due to add another little one to our lives in the next couple of weeks (its a Boy!), the challenges will be greater, the traveling will be tougher, and the joy of watching Italians pinch our new baby's cheeks while exclaiming, "Bello!!' will be an all new adventure.

Resolution #3: I'll come back to resolutions later.... no, wait! Procrastination! Stop procrastinating. I will commit to stop procrastinating as much as humanly possible. Well, as much I possibly can....

So to enter back into the blogosphere, I plan on posting about some trips that the family and I took this past year while I wasn't writing.... and then add some more of the funny cultural struggles and experiences we go through daily. This has been a crazy year, but next year promises to be even crazier.... and thank God for it. :)